A Guide to Happiness in Relationships
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A Guide to Happiness in Relationships

an article about relationships.

There are many diverse kinds of people and personalities on this  earth. Sometimes we do not get along with each other because we do not respect differences in other human beings. If we listen clearly to others and observe fellow human behavior people with tell you what they need and desire. People are not cookie cutter forms, and should be treated with care and respect. Look at the person for what they ultimately want from the outside world, and try to respect personal boundaries. Extroverts and introverts see and live life very differently. Sometimes we do not let people be who they are we try to mold them into own likeness.

Due to differences in character and personality people often have different levels of happiness. Some people enjoy being the center of attention while others may even prefer to be alone. Often times lack of joy does not come from inside forces but from lack of understanding and respect from people we call friends and family. Sometimes people closest to a person push them to be or do things that they would prefer not to. The world might be a very different place if we do not force people to lead the kinds of lives we see fit.

Relationships are healthy and survive best when we let the other people enjoy life the way they see best. If a person likes to read, or be alone doing solitary activities do not force them to attend a huge, loud party. Introverts should also not force extroverts to live inside those lines. Compromise is the key to making a romantic or platonic friendship work. People are like flowers or snow flakes, no two are idfentically alike, and should be treated carefully. Life would be extremely boring if we all lived according to other people's scripts or ideas.

Aretha Franklin said it best in her hit, respect. We all want to be appreciated for the masterpieces we were created to be in this life, and at the end of the day personal happiness and choices have to come first for a person to continue being happy in their own skin, and this often frustrating life. To see the beauty in the differences of others is somewhat hard to do, but if we are making others unhappy by the way we are treating them we need to step back and analyze the situation from their perspective.

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