How to Find Your Inner Zen
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How to Find Your Inner Zen

A how to guide to become one with the universe, walk away from the negative practices in your life and learn to simply be and do good, positive things for yourself, the world and the universe.

"L'arte di non fare niente"; in Italian means the art of doing nothing. This is becoming the most difficult concept to master and put into practice at this moment in time. For over three decades I have been living in the society of the Unites States of America in what is often referred to as the "American dream". Often times I wonder just what exactly is this thing we call the "American dream"? Does it entail attending schools and universities (which are controlled by the government so that we learn only what they wish for us to learn, think and believe), going into debt (or having our parents go into debt) so that we can graduate with a piece of paper with our names on it, which may or may not assist us in getting a higher paying job in which we must attend 40 or so hours per week (the bulk of our weekdays), depleting all of our energy so that we might pay off our debts from said college and the unsustainable gas guzzling vehicles which we must go into debt to drive in order to get around in this society so that we may work to pay off our even greater debt we owe should we choose to live in a home which is not outdoors? This idea of the "American dream" doesn't sound like a pleasant dream to me which I aspire to attain, rather, it sounds like a nightmare I wish to escape from. This is exactly what I have done and what makes me feel guilty for simply being - simply existing;  not working myself into exhaustion so as to feed some corporate giant in order to buy a bunch of "crap" the media has brainwashed "consumers" into thinking they need when in fact we might all be happier without them and most likely wouldn't miss if they were gone.

The art of doing nothing, or just being is one of the most difficult tasks to conquer because it goes against everything I've been conditioned and socialized to be, yet it is the most natural existence for all living beings. To simply be is all we are required to do to be living, breathing organisms - just be. If I can only break free from the chains that have bound me from such simplicity and achieve the task of being able to simple be, and have happiness in this..... is this not heaven on earth or nirvana? What if we all could unite in the simplicity of just being in our most natural, basic existence? Would we not save our planet from the global exhaustion we are putting it into with our greenhouse gases and such? All we need to do is to be, and to forget about everything else.

If there is one thing I have learned on my journey to just be, it is that the universe will provide for you. The universe is made of love and light, and we as humans are also comprised of said love and light. Therefore, if we are acknowledging our love and light, it will connect us with all living beings, the universe and all that is in it. When we are in need, and we focus our wants and needs with joy and love for the light we are and live in, the universe will find a way to provide for us. This is called the law of attraction.

Imagine for a moment what could happen if everyone on earth decided to walk away from their everyday lives and simply focus on  just being. Something completely magical could happen. Suppose everyone began to find peace and joy; no longer being trapped and chained by all of the things they are supposed to do, but rather began focusing on the things which brought them joy? Corporate giants would fall as they would not be able to run any longer. There would be an overabundance of supplies due to no one working or purchasing things. The grocery stores and establishments which hold food under lock and key would have two choices for action. They could either horde the goods and let them waste away, or they could give them away (which would most likely happen), thus meeting every ones needs per the law of attraction in the universe. When a person is in their most natural state of being, they are not focused on excess or materialism. Rather, people tend to share so that everyone has exactly what they need; no more and no less. When people are in their most natural state of being, they have the stress and weight of the world automatically removed from their shoulders and they are able to find happiness in the most simplistic of ways.

People may be asking how one is to achieve this simplistic, natural form of being. It is very simple. The first thing one must do is to stop. Stop what you are doing right now at this moment in time. Turn off your computers and your televisions, your vehicles and anything else which is distracting you from nature. Then, go outside. Leave your houses, vehicles, cell phones, and your designer whatever-it-may-be that is distracting you from "be". The next step is to find the nearest patch of grass, tree, pond, lake, beach, stream, etc. Once you find your spot, sit down, climb a tree, dance in the rain, swim in the ocean; whatever it is which nature is calling you to do and just be. This is our most natural form of existence; that which connects us to all of the love, light and nature in the universe and brings us the most natural joy. Do this for a long period of time. Do this until every stress, every focus you have on your socialized life, and every bit of sadness melts away. If you meditate, do that as well; if you like to pray, go right ahead! If you simply wish to be; do it! This is the gift the universe has blessed us with and this is what we were born to do. We were born to breathe, to enjoy the natural beauty of nature; that which gives us oxygen and that which has the capacity to heal us and make us whole and as one.

If you want to change your life, if you want to feel whole again; if you want to help better the world; this is the foundation on which to start. We all must learn how to be; how to step away from the social media which brainwashes us and the dogma of our society which infiltrates simple, everyday conversations. We must first step away, get into nature and simple be. These are the things which Gandhi, Buddha and Jesus did which set them apart from the rest of the world and caused others to question, then follow. We must take these first steps into the light. We must first, as individuals, make the decision to begin implementing the change within ourselves that we wish to see in the world and we must walk out on faith in God, the universe, love and light, nature: all that we believe in to carry us, provide for us and guide our paths.

There is no more time for us to continue living unsustainable, societal driven lives in which we are unhappy and complain about all which we dislike. Now is the time for action. If you dislike your job, your school, your home and your environment: walk away. Go to the nearest place you feel whole and focus on being and nothing more. The rest will then come into place. Your needs will be met and your path laid out. You do not need any material goods which you think you need and I guarantee you will not miss them. Put the universe to the test and let it provide for you for once. I dare you.

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Every time the word simple appears, it is supposed to be simply :(