Is It All in Your Head? Some Tips for Positive Changes
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Is It All in Your Head? Some Tips for Positive Changes

How to make positive changes in life, feel confident, and let go of the past and negative feelings. Avoiding negative energy and replacing bad feelings with happier more positive ones will make all the difference. Anxiety can really stop us living productive lives but it can be helped by changing our thinking patterns.

Is it all in your head? Some tips for positive changes

We have all heard the expression, if you think negatively you will attract negative energy? Well if that is really the case then would the same rule not apply for thinking positively about money and winning the lottery? Every individual has their own beliefs, some might consider thoughts or karma as complete nonsense believing we make our own luck, that is fair enough. The truth of the matter does remain that what we think about ourselves or a situation can have an effect. This could be the positive negative debate or simply how we then appear when that moment presents itself, for example, a job interview.

An impending interview can create all kinds of emotions, fear, anxiety, and especially self doubt. Common feelings include the fear that someone more attractive, or younger will gain unfair advantage and get the job. These negative emotions will then reveal themselves through our body language during the interview. Instead of sitting upright and holding eye contact the anxiety will show through nervous twitching, fumbling of words, and a general air of negativity can present itself. Honestly, who would hire that individual over the confident, well spoken person with the calm demeanor?

A negative thought is like a virus that needs to be stopped from spreading. Once we allow it into the mind it will quickly procreate until suddenly we are left crippled from anxiety and unable to sort out one problem from another. Clear out the clutter. Think of our brains as an overstocked wardrobe of excess mess. It looks frightening at the beginning but after careful examination and separation of each item the mess becomes less. The same rule applies from problems and worries. Sort out each one, keep a list and tackle them one by one. Never let the problems pile up and lead to clutter.

The past can be fine to visit but who would want to live there? Let the past become a bygone. Only keep items or memories around that are memorable and worthy. Too many of us have a tendency to hold into negative reminders of the past. It could be love letters from an ex-spouse who hurt us emotionally, or pictures from our favorite job we got fired from. Let the ghost lie and avoid digging up the grave of our past. Live in the present and make things better this time. Learn from the mistakes and make each moment count.

Everyone has their days where people can just be a source of annoyance. The fact of the matter is we do need each other. Think about isolation or solitary confinement. Without a companion to talk to craziness is just a second away. Take the time to make connections, or build on the ones you already have. A warm hug or kiss from someone that matters can make all the difference. Pure intimacy is an amazing thing and can make the snugly warm feelings we read about in trashy novels come rushing to life.

Self affirmation is an excellent thought process. “I feel good”, “I am confident”,. Whatever we want to believe about ourselves and make it stick can be achieved by self belief. Find the time to relax, repeat these words and let them sink in gradually. Inner peace can be achieved at these times and some beautiful relaxation so why not try? Be a positive person on the inside, and it will show all over.

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