Tips That Lead to Happiness
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Tips That Lead to Happiness

Each one is unique and this uniqueness creates in us different criteria for happiness.

1. Condition your mind and believe that you deserve to be happy. If possible tell yourself everyday that you are entitled to happiness and you are worthy to be happy. Keep on repeating that thought and the thought will become so powerful.

2. Surround yourself with positive and happy people. Happy people creates happy and pleasant environment that is infectious. Same is true if you are surrounded with negative people. You will be infected with the way they see things negatively.

3. To be truly happy, you must understand what it is that really makes you happy. Each one is unique and this uniqueness creates in us different criteria for happiness. So don’t be bothered if the things that make you happy are different from those of your friends.

4. If you are aware of the things that give you happiness, try to make or plan a goal that can give you happiness. With this, you will condition yourself to feel better as you try to pursue a goal that is of high value and importance to you.

5. Each day try to spend time reflecting on things that gives you happiness. If you recall and focus on positive things that happened to you, it will reinforce continued happiness. But if you dwell in frustrations, disappointments and your past failures, likewise it will reinforce misery.

6. People with happy and positive outlook don’t allow worries and problems to ruin their moods. They don’t give in to self-pity and hopelessness. Instead, they find solutions to figure out what is best for the problem.

7. Inject humor in your daily life. Laughter leads the way to happiness. There are indeed certain situations and circumstances that require you to be serious but even in times like this, if you know how to inject humor in an appropriate timing, it can somewhat lighten the mood and the environment.

8. Looking good and feeling great is also a big factor to happiness. To achieve this, you need to maintain a healthy living by eating nutritious foods and doing regular exercises. If you are overweight, chances are, you won’t feel good about the way you look and it can affect your self confidence and self-esteem. In effect, your lack of confidence can trigger loads of insecurities. And an insecure person can in no way achieve true happiness unless he gets rid of the things or circumstances that trigger his insecurities.

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Comments (1)

Perfect tips. more people need to put this into practice. Excellent job.